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This is a very nice section of Iraq History.
Ottoman banknotes were in use in Iraq untill the end of the 1st world war, after this, British India banknotes used in Iraq untill 1932, when the Sovreign Iraq Banknotes printed to be used in Iraq. It is amazing that the values at time included 100 Dinars ( Called - NAWT in Iraq ) were used, as I was told by my grandfather & father, very few people were able to have that value at the time, and also taking in consideration the very smal volume budget for Iraq at the time.

I will devide this section to:
1- Ottoman Banknotes used in Iraq
2- British India Banknotes used in Iraq
    ( Very difficult and extremelely  expensive, any help welcommed )
3- King Faisal I Banknotes
4- King Ghazi Banknotes
5- King Faisal II Banknotes
6- Republic Banknotes 1959-1967
7- Republic Banknotes 1968-1978
8- Republic Banknotes 1979-2002
9- 2003 onward