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Assyrian Shiqal: Unfortunately, no known example available.

Achaemenid: Silver, 5.36 gm,  14.53, Prototype only, unsure of mint

Mecadonian Coin: Silver Tetradrachma, Alexander the Great, Babylon Mint, 
                         17.04 gm, 24.73 mm .

Selukian Coin: Unfortunately, no examples available.

Parthian Coin:

Sassanian Coin: Silver Drachma, Khusro II, This one is Hamadan Mint, just  as
                      Many Iraq Mints exist, Including Dasht Mesan, Mesan, Furat,  
                      Basra, Bahqubath ( Kufa ) .

Byzantine Coin: Unfortunately, no examples available.

Roman Coins: There are some examples, will be added as soon as the mint
                   names verified.