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A small Bedwin Dynasty, Ruled Part of Northern Iraq & Syria. They controlled these areas for a short period of about 26 years only.Originally, Muhammed Bin Safwan started the dynasty long time before, declaring his autonomisity, but this will last for 1 year only.
Second start was by Muhammed Bin Al-Musayyib, from his tiome, they kept a rule for 26 years. All their coins are Silver.


Mosul: Without Title, Citing Al-Bin Al-Musayyib Only, 385 AH only.

Mosul: With Title Janah Al-Dawla Ali Bin Al-Musayyib

Nisibin: With Title Janah Al-Dawla Ali Bin Al-Musayyib

Mosul : Citing Janah Al-Dawla, 385-388 AH

Mosul : As Independant Ruler, 388-391 AH

Nisibin :

Nisibin :

Tikrit :

Mosul: As Buwayhid Underloard

Mosul : His Brother, Abu Al-Fadhl Badran As Buwayhid Underploard

Mosul : As Fatimid Caliph Al-Hakim Underloard for One Year only, 401 AH

Barqa'id :

Tikrit :

Ukbara :