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The History Of IRAQ on coins:
                        The Cradle of Civilization, Mesopotamia (IRAQ), where the very first laws invented, including trading laws, more than 4000 years ago, like Sumerian  King Ur Namo  Law,
 Sumerian King Lapt Ishtar, Ishnona Law, ands the most Famous of all, King Hammurabi of Babylon.
                        To start with, People used tom trade for their daily deals, Until the days of King Sinharib of Assyria, When he ordered a cast to make a certain shape/weight for the First ever coin, the Shiqal, and the Half Shiqal, made of Bronze. From Assyria, and via the strong trade lines with the Lydian civilization, the idea used  by the Lydians, and they made their coins,  and from Lydians to Persians when  Korash ( Persian King ) conquered their lands in  546 BC, and started their own coins.
As for IRAQ,  the coins used during Assyrian’s Sinharib, Persian’s Darios (Achaemenid ), Macedonian’s  Alexander the Great who Occupied Babylon and Died and Buried in Babylon, Selukid’s  Dimetrios, 162-150 BC, Parthian’s  Artaban II 128-124 BC.
                        The First Arabic Kingdom on IRAQ soil was the Kingdom of Hatra, with the Obverse showing Head of God SHAMASH surrounded by Aramaic  writing –Hatrawi Shamash – and the obverse showing    Falcon standing on an upside down engraved letters SC, thus differ from roman coins.
                        With parts of Mesopotamia occupied by Byzantines & Persians ( Sassaniana ) or at least under their influence,  multiple types of coins used, mainly the Byzantine Gold Dinars, Sassanian Dirhams, and Byzantine Copper  fils. This lasted until IRAQ was conquered by the Islamic Armies
in 737-637 AD, from this onward, the coins were  gradually  revised until the mintage o0f the Pure Arabic  Fils, Dirham & Dinar.

                     On this site, I will try, to my best, to enumerate all known coins minted OR used in what is Now IRAQ, this will include:
1- samples from coins used in Iraq Before Liberation from Persians & Byzantines, which will include  
    Achaemedian/ Macedonian/ Selukian/  Parthian/ Sassanian/ Byzantine coins whenever possible.
2-Arab-Sassanian coins.
3-Umayyad coins
4-Abbasid coins ( subdivided according to Caliphs  chronologically )
5- Hamdanid coins in IRAQ
6-Buwayhid coins in IRAQ
7-Uqaylid coins in IRAQ
8-Marwanid coins in IRAQ
9-Fatimid coin in IRAQ
10-Seljuq coins in IRAQ.
11-Zangid coins in IRAQ
12-Begteginid coins in IRAQ
13-Lu’Luid coins in IRAQ
14-Ayyubid coins in IRAQ
15-Ilkhanid coins in IRAQ ( Subdivided according to Khans )
16- Sutayid coins in IRAQ
17- Jalayrid coins in IRAQ
18- Aq Qoyunlu coins in IRAQ
19-Qara Qoyunlu coins in IRAQ
20: Musha’shaid coins in IRAQ
21-Safavid coins in IRAQ
22-Ottoman coins Minted in IRAQ ( Subdivided  according to Sultans )
23-Ottoiman coins Used in IRAQ
24-Samples of coins used in IRAQ during the late years of Ottoman occupation
25-British India Used in IRAQ
26: IRAQ Kindom & Republic coins ( Subdivided according to Ki8ng/PM/President)

I will be very happy to receive your comments on my email    waad_au@yahoo.com.au
                          Please note that initially, I will list the picture/mint name/date/weight and diameter of whatever available coins with me as I can not ( neither any one person ) have all the coins needed for this site . Later on, I will add  the full description/writings on coins in English and Arabic languages with as much historical events as I can , as I mention before, I will try to show the history of Iraq by coins.

                                             THANK YOU