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Arab-Sasanian Coins
These coins was minted after the liberation of Iraq  636-637 AD, 15-16 AH.
There was 2 weights for these coins, 4grams & 8 grams, the Arabs made them one single weight of 6 grams. The sasanian coins were minted with extra Arabic wards/phrases like - Bism Alla -
These coins used during the 1st 4 caliphs of Arabic empire, then used during the early stages of Umayyad empire, then the pure Arabic designed Dirham & Dinar appeared.
It is just to mention that similar type to these coins was used also during the Abbasid empire in Tabaristan.

                                          Basrah Mint:

Ziyad Bin Ubayyah 45-53 AH, these coins inscribed - Bism Allah-

Samra ibn Jundub  53 AH, also inscribed Bism Allah -

Ubayd Allah Bin Ziyad 55 AH, these coins iscribed - Bism Allah Rabbi -

Ubayd Allah Bin Ziyad 60 AH, 3.26 gm, 31.82 mm
these coins iscribed - Bism AllahWith 4 dots as square -

Umar Bin Ubayd Allah  64 AH, these coins iscribed - Bism Allah, Allah Muhammad

Hamdan Bin Aban 71-72 AH, these coins incribed  - Bism Allah , Hamdan Bin Aban -

Al-Hajaj Bin Yousif Al-Thaqafi 74 AH,
These coins inscribed - Alhajaj Bin Yousif - and on the circumflex iscribed -Bism Allah La Ilaha Illa Allah Wahdahu Muhammad Rasoul Allah -

                                               Kufa Mint:

Ziyad Bin Ubayyah 50-53 AH, these coins inscribed - Bism Allah-

Ubayd Allah Bin Ziyad 53 AH, these coins iscribed - Bism Allah Rabbi -

Al-Hajaj Bin Yousif Al-Thaqafi 76 AH

                                      Mishan ( Maysan ) Mint

Ziyad Bin Abi Sufyan .


Maysan Mint: 49 AH, 3.42 gm, 32.35 mm