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The Safavid Empire was established by Isma’il Bin Junaid Bin Shaikh Safi Al-Din Al-Ardabiaty in 1508 AD  ( 914 AH ), occupied Baghdad  for the period between  914-926 AH then from 936-941 AH. In the 10 years in between the 2 dates, the ottoman occupied Baghdad, via Dhu Al-Fiqar, who captured Baghdad in 926m and minted the coins in the name of Sultan Sulayman Al-Kanuni ( see Ottoman Iraq mint chapter ).
On 936 AH, Shah Tahmasb of the Safavid re captured Baghdad , just to be defeated again by Sultan Sulayman army headed by Ibrahim Pasha  in 1534 AD,  941 AH.
The Safavid’s Shah Abbas I recaptured Baghdad from the Ottomans in 1623 AD, just to loose it again in 1638 AD for Ottoman’s  Murad IV
PLEASE note that the dates below showing the years which the Safavid 
                                 dynasty occupied Baghdad ONLY.

                  A- Isma’il Al-Safawi   1508-1520 AD , 914-926 AH

                         B-Tahmasb I 1530-1535 AD , 936-941 AH

                         C-Abbas I 1623-1629 AD, 1032-1038 AH

1- Abbasi, Silver, 7.59 gm, 21.16 mm Diameter

                    D-Safi  I 1629-1638 AD, 1038-1047 AH

1- 2 Shahi, Silver, 3.77 gm, 18.96 mm