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Turkoman Dynasty, Muzaffar Din Gökburi, the second dynast of the Begtegenid dynasty and a staunch supporter of Salah Al-Din, created a lower town around the city on the citadel mound and founded hospitals and Schools. Gökburi died in 1233 without an heir and control of Arbil shifted to the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mustansir after he had besieged the city.

Muzaffar Al-Din Kokburi   1168-1233 AD, 563-630 AH

Gold Dinar Erbil Mint, 601 AH onward.

Copper Dirham enthroned Facing Figure, SCARCE, 7.51 gm, 24.28 mm

Copper Dirham Erbil Mint, Curly Hair, Left  Facing Bust,

Copper Dirham Erbil Mint, Lion Rider, lion to LEFT, 8.53 gm, 24.82 mm

Copper Dirham Erbil Mint, Lion Rider, lion to LEFT, 11.82 gm, 27.00 mm

Copper Dirham Erbil Mint, Lion Rider, lion to RIGHT

Copper Dirham Harran Mint, Figure seated in Mihrab, reverse inscription 
   in 6 pointed star.