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Seljuq IRAQ mint
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Lu'Luids in Iraq
Ayyubid in Iraq
Ilkhanid Iraq Mint
Sutayid in Iraq
Jalayrid IRAQ mint
Aq Qoyunlu IRAQ mint
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Dealers you can Trust

In this page, I just want to mention the Dealers in Iraq Coins & Stamps, with which , I had a very good expperience, and as per that experience, I highly recommend you contact them if you need stamps / coins / Medallions --- etc.
If you cantact any of these good dealers, Please, mention the site name to 
                                                 them .
I also wanted to add the Bad Dealers which they will do anything to steel from 
         you, but then, I decided they are too small to mention on my site.

1- Mr. Shamil Mhedi Salih, Iraq - Mosul
He deals in Iraq Stamps/coins/banknotes.
email address :   shamil_alhaialy@yahoo.com 
Please copy the address, as there is -Under Score- between shamil & alhaialy which embeded in the underlying line.

2- Mr. Mousa Sayegh, Jordan Amman
He deals mainly in Stamps.
email address : bestbuyskills@yahoo.com 

3- Mr. Muhammed Haqqi, Iraq - Baghdad
He deals in stamps & coins
email address :  stamphouse2000@yahoo.com