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The Abbasids defeated Umayyads in the Batle of Zap in north east of IRAQ in  year 132 AH, First Caliph was Abu Al-Abbas Al-Saffah ( Abu Al-Abbas the Assasin ).
The Abbasid Dynasty ruled for about 4 centuries, though they were not in total controle during all that period, in fact, most of the years between 250 AH- 450 AH, they had no real authority as they were merely Symbolic Rulers, can not exsert any real effect even within Baghdad's walls , their Fortress.
Their rule devided in muliple periods:
1st Period: Golden period, from Al-Saffah to Al-Ma'amoon
2nd Period: From Al-Mu'tasim to A-Muqtadir Billah
3rd Period: During which, the real rulers were
               C-Fatimid - for one year only -
4th period: Starts with Caliph Al-Nasir Li Din Allah who returned some of the old dignity to the Abbasids, and ends with the end of the Dynasty by fall of Baghdad to the terrible Mongol, Hulagu, defeating the last Abbasid Caliph,
Al-Musta'asim Billah in year  1258 AD, 656 AH.